Treverbyn Parish Council

The Parish Council holds assets of land and equipment for the community. These assets include recreational and play areas which we have either purchased or acquired as part of planning agreements where development has taken place. we are responsible for the maintenance of these areas, as well as footpaths, allotments and some bus shelters. The Council recognises that amenity areas will always be needed within the community, and we will acquire more when we have suitable opportunities. Cornwall Council is currently seeking to get parishes to take on responsibility for other facilities, such as public conveniences and cemeteries. We will be discussing these proposals over the next few months.

The Parish Council is a consultee for every planning application submitted for development within the parish, and occasionally for proposals in neighbouring parishes. It has been a common complaint from many Town and Parish Councils that their recommendations are ignored.
It is important to note that the Parish Council is a consultee for planning applications, not a decision making body. The Local Planning Authority is Cornwall Council.

For more information please visit their website: or call 01726 851001 or email